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Jay McCormack

Kentico Document Importer

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After working with Kentico for some time, I’ve slowly developed a few little tools to help migrate information from our old site to the new Kentico framework.  One of the things that’s a little time consuming in Kentico is creating documents.  I’ve…

CMS Review –

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Have finally come to the realisation that I might actually have to pay for a CMS.  First time for everything. The sort of functions I’m looking for just don’t appear to be available in the open source community.

Best in Class – Open Source Reviews

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I have been working with OpenSource software for a while, not developing but reviewing for customers, and in most cases have installed at one point or another almost every product listed on this page.  And after downloading and installing some…

No Digg – I’m over it! appeared to be one the greatest tools an IT person could use to see what was happenning in the world, what was capturing the attention of others just like me. For a while (maybe 4 months) I have regulrarly visited…

Demo 2006

So, you’re given 6 minutes to explain your philosophy, your product, the value, the market and your competitive advantage huh?  Give me 3 and I’ll get the message across! The thing that seems to stand out in these demonstrations is…

Free Theme for your Podcast

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Every podcast I listen to that is profesional sounding has a great theme track or song at the beginning.  Now we all know that you can’t just rip your favorite music track and push it at the front of your…

Rename, Zip, Move All In Vbscript

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Running a dedicated web server has taught me a lot, especially about backup and redundancy. In the process of working through the best backup routines I had to develop a way to conserve some disk space and automate the movement…