Demo 2006

So, you’re given 6 minutes to explain your philosophy, your product, the value, the market and your competitive advantage huh?  Give me 3 and I’ll get the message across!

The thing that seems to stand out in these demonstrations is the complete lack of pizzazz!  Explain to me why the founder of a company is the best person to do a demo. And the thing the annoys me the most about these demos is the way that some of the presenters completely disrespect the audience.  Someone last year was quoted as saying “I know you’re really tired but this is really important so pay attention.”  WHAT!

Ok, so i’m very critical, but my job is doing product demonstrations.  Unfortunately some of these people look like this is the first time they have ever seen the product, let alone done a demo.  I know, I know, hundreds of people in the audience etc.  But honestly that should make you thrive, not scare you into doing a bad job.

In my opinion if you are passionate about your product and believe that it will actually help the people who choose to buy it then your demo is filled with emotion and interest.  If your intention however is to really ’sell hard’ then you might just miss the boat.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the purpose of demo is to show emerging products, that’s not lost on me.  I would have expected however that the quality of the demo is up to scratch.