No Digg – I’m over it! appeared to be one the greatest tools an IT person could use to see what was happenning in the world, what was capturing the attention of others just like me.

For a while (maybe 4 months) I have regulrarly visited and interacted with this social networking community.  You know, social networking… the killer app?  Web 2.0 and all that.

I guess the bad part about social networking is that it is social however.  Humans and the ones interacting with the information on the site, and just like the real community there are good humans and bad humans.  Their are nice ones and angry onces, and ones that think they are better than the rest and above the crowd.

So I go to digg last night, hoping to find out something interesting and new and instead of seeing encouraging comment from the IT community I see comment after comment ridicule and bullying.

To be honest, I never posted anything on digg for fear of getting shot down in flames because I didn’t research my posting enough.  As an example, I just went to digg and picked a story at random and found a comment like “As if they f***ing will be you retard.”

You don’t have to search hard to find something or someone being flamed!  Go look for yourself.

Unacceptable behaviour, disrespectful in fact.  Just because you are sitting behind a keyboard doesn’t give you the right to act this way.

Well… no digg, in fact i digg no more!