Amongst other things this menu bar app lets you drag a bunch of files that you want to do something with into a holding bin.  Then when you’re ready you can grab those files and move/copy/upload them all at once.


Lets you choose which menu bar icons show and which get hidden, makes keeping your menu bar nice and short really easy.


Let’s you constrain which apps do and don’t have access to the internet while you’re on a mobile connection (for example if you’re tethered) so that you don’t consume all your bandwidth.

Keyboard Maestro

Amazing app that monitors what you type and press and reacts automatically.  I’ll need to do another post about how I use this for testing websites.


After reviewing a few clipboard managers I landed on this one as it has great iOS integration (with it’s own keyboard) and is really quick to use.


Easily the most important app I use, remembers every password, card number, bank account, license key and just about anything else I put in.


A really simple window manager to allow you to quickly get a window take up half, third or full screen.


Automatically organises files, renames them, moves them, deletes them based on all sorts of different rules you can configure.