Inserting a random first name

Triggered by:

  • typing “ranff”

Use this Keyboard Maestro macro for Inserting a random first name

This macro inserts a random first name from a set of first names in the code. There’s a name for almost every letter in the alphabet.

Here’s a screenshot of the implementation:

Here’s the code you can copy/paste into Keyboard Maestro:

set myFirstNames to {"Ashley", "Ben", "Charlie", "Daniel", "Ethan", "George", "Harry", "Isaac", "Kai", "Lewis", "Matthew", "Noah", "Oliver", "Rhys", "Samuel", "Thomas", "William", "Annabelle", "Bethany", "Chloe", "Daisy", "Ebony", "Freya", "Grace", "Hannah", "Isla", "Jessica", "Katie", "Lara", "Martha", "Nell", "Olivia", "Polly", "Rosie", "Sophie", "Tilly", "Victoria", "Zarah"}
set listSize to count of myFirstNames
set randomNumber to (random number from 1 to listSize)
set temp to item randomNumber of myFirstNames
return temp

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