Inserting a random company name

Triggered by:

  • typing "rancc"

Use this Keyboard Maestro macro for Inserting a random company name

When testing a customer’s website I use the macro to insert a random company name. There’s over 30 individual company names in the set.

Here’s a screenshot of the implementation:

Here’s the code you can copy/paste into Keyboard Maestro:

set myCompany to {"Openlane", "Yearin", "Goodsilron", "Condax", "Opentech", "Golddex", "year-job", "Isdom", "Gogozoom", "Y-corporation", "Nam-zim", "Donquadtech", "Warephase", "Donware", "Faxquote", "Sunnamplex", "Lexiqvolax", "Sumace", "Treequote", "Iselectrics", "Zencorporation", "Plusstrip", "dambase", "Toughzap", "Codehow", "Zotware", "Statholdings", "Conecom", "Zathunicon", "Labdrill", "Ron-tech", "Green-Plus", "Groovestreet", "Zoomit", "Bioplex", "Zumgoity", "Scotfind", "Dalttechnology", "Kinnamplus", "Konex", "Stanredtax", "Cancity", "Finhigh", "Kan-code", "Blackzim", "Dontechi", "Xx-zobam", "Fasehatice", "Hatfan", "Streethex", "Inity", "Konmatfix", "Bioholding", "Hottechi", "Ganjaflex", "Betatech", "Domzoom", "Ontomedia", "Newex", "Betasoloin", "Mathtouch", "Rantouch", "Silis", "Plussunin", "Plexzap", "Finjob", "Xx-holding", "Scottech", "Funholding", "Sonron", "Singletechno", "Rangreen", "J-Texon", "Rundofase", "Doncon"}
set listSize to count of myCompany
set randomNumber to (random number from 1 to listSize)
set temp to item randomNumber of myCompany
return temp

You can download this macro, unzip and import into Keyboard Maestro to use yourself: Download Now

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