Must Have iPhone Apps

Must have is not quite right as it really depends on your usage, but here’s my list of apps I can’t live without on my iPhone.

The ultimate note taking app. It’s had a few ups and downs over the past few years in terms of direction but seems to have stabilised somewhat now. Easy to record a quick not, categorise and tag it and it all becomes searchable. Plus you can throw PDFs and hand-written notes into it and it will try and make all of that searchable also.

Podcast app of choice - mainly because it has a way of triaging episodes as they come in so you can quickly chose what you want to listen to and what you want to skip this time around.

Twitter app - although with the recent changes to the twitter API this app (and all 3rd party twitter apps) have become less useful.

Weather AU
Best Australian based weather app with forecasts and radars.

Easily one of the most useful apps for managing a shopping list that you share with your family. One list that everyone can add to so nothing gets forgotten at the supermarket. Plus it’s echo compatible.

I need to write a whole other article on this app - but in short it does an excellent job of scanning paper and running an OCR over it so that it’s searchable.

For work, our goto app for messaging. Replaces what we might otherwise use iMessage or Skype for.

I wish there was a version of this for MacOS. It’s a visual calculator that lets you use results from previous calculations in the next calculation and if the first result changes it trickles through all your calculations automatically.

Sophisticated but well designed todo app.

The only app to use for remembering passwords. Apparently in iOS12 you can integrate 3rd party password managers into standard login interfaces in iOS so that will save a lot of time.

Launch Centre Pro
This lets you collect all your apps that you want to get to quickly in one place, tap and hold and launch an app really quickly.

If you have a long message to write and don’t want to accidentally hit send then use Drafts. It’s where you can start working with text that you’re going to use in another app later.

A replacement for the google authenticator app that syncs to the cloud so when you get a new phone you don’t have to go and set up all your 2FA codes again.

The client app for the Airtable online database platform. It lets you create a table of data, then filter and sort and find and link things together in a beautiful interface.

The soon to be replaced automation app for the iPhone. You can string together a range of actions both on your phone and in the cloud to automate common tasks.

TripIt allows you to manage all your travel information like which flight, from which terminal and then notifies you when it’s time to board or the departure is delayed.

Easily the most reliable swipe keyboard for iOS.