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Best iPhone Travel Tripod

When departing Sydney a few years back I bought a tiny little tool at the airport in one of those pseudo technology stores. I generally have a look through them if I have time but normally don’t find much beyond Beats headphones and NFC protection wallets.

The tripod that I bought, the Joby Micro , has been one of the cheapest and useful tech travel accessories ever.

Collapsed tripod

Folding up into something that easily fits into your wallet, this tripod allows you to set up your phone for a great photo in a few seconds. It also lets you use it as a phone stand so you can position your phone to watch the screen at the right angle.

It’s made of metal and covered in soft rubber so it’s very solid and can hold the weight of your phone without a problem. The actual holder is spring loaded so it can be used on a range of phones of varying widths. The clamps at the top and bottom are also quite wide so that the thickness of your phone with it’s case shouldn’t be a challenge.

It rotates 360 degrees and pitches around 30 degrees from vertical which allows you to set it up for a great shot.

Although I have had an Apple Watch in the past, it now belongs to my son, so I no longer have a way to do a remote shutter... meaning I’m limited to a timed photo until I get a new watch.

I’ve done some great time lapse videos with this and some easy group shots. For the non-professional photographer I am it’s a great addition to my collection of travel gadgets.