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About this site

This site runs on ghost, a new(er) blogging platform and something I've decided to learn about. Normally I'd take the easy Wordpress approach if I wanted to build a new site however I've been second guessing that approach for some time... another post though.

It's using the standard casper theme, so far all I've done is remove the ghost logo. I'm trying to limit myself only to changes that can be made through the interface.

I've played with two other themes so far:

  1. Ghostium
  2. Mention

The ghostium theme would be my preference however it looks like it's using some object names that are no longer supported in the new version of ghost.

The database is MySQL and I'm not sure I had any choice in that.

The webserver is nginx and again I'm not sure I had any choice in that.

I'm using digital ocean to host the site, and followed these instructions to do the installation.